Impotent Decisions


Do you have important decisions to make before you leave work today?
Did you have to finish important work yesterday? Do you have a personal, critical deadline for tomorrow?

Do what Congress does. Walk away from it. Go on vacation. Make a determined decision not to decide. Most important, take no significant action that could make you look bad in the coming months.

Put off your company’s serious business decisions for a month or so and see what happens.

Yet again, as it has happened too many times in the past to count, 535 people who work for you are taking a pass on making any decisions that affect us, The U.S. Americans. There is no pursuit to extend tax breaks or any action taken on anything else by Congress until after the elections. Most alarming is that Congress deems it perfectly suitable to walk away from creating the budget on which this country runs.  Note, though, that they did whatever clever thing they needed to do to patch the span for the National Budget until Congress resumes what they call working. Our National Budget, of course, includes their salaries.

Doing absolutely nothing comes while a huge number of Congressional Representatives are flouting a blue-covered Pledge To America, claiming themselves to be all new & improved. Fresh and shiny.

As a Voter, take the following action on November 2nd:
Pull, push, poke, or however you must, cast your vote to give every single so-called Representative of our government business their well-earned Pink Slip. If you have to run and hide to avoid doing your duty until it’s safe for your own interest, you do not deserve a job. Especially “working” for hard-working Americans.

Fire every single member of The House of Representatives and every Senate Congressman or Congresswoman who went on hiatus while we stare at potentially horrific unfinished business affecting our money and our country.

Vote every wimpy, clouded, self-serving Congress-person OUT of office.
If there’s an “I” for incumbent along with his or her name, vote for anyone else.
The “I” really stands for insubordination.

It’s enough! We’ve had enough!
Cast them out like Jesus did the demons of a possessed soul.

Fire Congress.
We can find better and more honorable representation pulling a name out of the phone book.

Frederick Cropper